Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Name: Erin
Ravelry name: alwayserin
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Occupation: Literary Agent
Knitting in honor of Patricia Murrell and in memory of Betti Albrecht.

While knitting this, I was dealing with pain and discomfort from gallbladder problems. The day it arrived, I learned I'd be having surgery this week. It was very moving to be trying to find the energy and focus to carry out all of my commitments--work, home life, and now the Traveling Shawl, brief as my time with it was--while feeling so lousy, right as I was holding in my heart and mind all the loved ones I know who have battled breast cancer. I know my problem is short-term and easily resolved; those fighting breast cancer live with much more pain and uncertainty, and yet they find ways to spend time with their family, honor their commitments, and live their lives with grace and joy. 

I made a flyer about the shawl and left it at my local yarn store, Purl in the Pines, and spread the word among my friends and family. May it generate much interest and many donations! 

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dobarah said...

Would you mind sharing your flyer? I am interested in creating one now that you inspired me!