Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Name: Vicki
Ravelry Name: K3t2vk
Location: Renton, WA
Occupation: Working in accounting, counting off the years until retirement.
In honor of Susan, one of my co-workers, who had breast cancer and is cancer free today.

APRIL 27th

I was so excited to see the package from Hawaii on my doorstop and could hardly wait to open it. My cat, Trizzo, was just as curious.
The journal was left unopened until after I knit my six rows. I needed to think just of the women who have been in my life with breast cancer: my co-worker, Susan and Cynthia, a neighbor for many years who are survivors. I wondered how Sandy, the woman I worked with 13 years ago was doing and I thought of my neighbor, Patty, who lost her battle last summer and left two darling young girls. And I thought of the pain of my co-worker, Amy, who lost her sister a few years ago.
Coming from a family of three girls and have two girls of my own and a granddaughter I feel so strongly that this awful disease needs to be eradicated.
I then shed many tears as I read through the journal. As a cancer survivor myself, it was very moving.
The shawl went with me to work so it could be shared with my co workers who are always so supportive of all of my knitting. Then off to the shipping department to have it wing it’s way to Alaska . God Speed!!

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