Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#41 Oregon

Name: Jackie
Ravelry Name: AThousandCranes
Location: John Day, OR
Occupation: Legal Secretary

Here's what I wrote in the Traveling Journal accompanying the Traveling Shawl:

'My mom, Hisako from Hiroshima, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991. Actually, back then, all of the sisters still alive in her family developed breast cancer within 5 years of each other. How strange. I guess this was yet another reminder of the atomic bomb legacy in our family.

I knew that the lace was a mauve-ish pink but I didn't realize that it was my mom's favorite shade of mauve until I opened the box. What a lovely surprise … made me tear up a bit. If she was still alive, I know that she would've wanted me to knit her one just like it. So, if I don't win the raffle, I guess I'll have to knit a twin sister to the Traveling Shawl in my mom's memory.

I knit my six rows in memory of my mom, Hisako Otani Brown. I knit in honor of all survivors, my loving respect for your strength and beauty represented in this handwork.'

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aquana21 said...

i like the pattern and color, sweet.